Renewable energy in telecom

  • Power is main issue for remote or isolated areas base station, because grid extension is not feasible. Renewable base hybrid system is most viable solution. These solutions of power supply to the telecom base station are cost effective and available throughout the year. The circumstance of each sites are studied in order to decide the feasible combination of alternative energy resources. Alternate power solutions are not commonly used in mobile telecommunication system today but are actively evaluated for remote and isolated areas over worldwide. pre-feasibility study the solar and wind hybrid energy system are most viable power solution for mobile base station in Indian sites over conventional diesel generator. Although the net present cost is high but the running and maintenance cost are low as compared to the diesel generator power solution. Its payback time is around 15 years.
  • The fuel consumption is also reduced to approximate 80%.with increasing oil prices, payback times on the investment to hybrid solar-wind powered base station sites are continuously decreasing. Considering operating cost and maintenance cost, an autonomous site powered by wind solar hybrid system pay-off after 2-4 years in a good sunny and windy location. The Base stations powered by the solar wind hybrid energy system with diesel backup – are proving to be the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for many challenging sites. Operating and maintenance costs are extremely low, making it economical to extend cellular coverage in far-flung regions.Solar- and wind-powered sites benefit the environment as well as the operator business case, whether they are located in highly populated or remote areas. Due to powering the base station by hybrid renewable energy system, it will reduce the carbon and other harmful gases emission is about 90% in environments.