Power Solution

Solar Hybrid Systems consist of thoroughly tested and qualified components of reputable suppliers which are fully integrated into our Energy Management System (EMS).

Very low OPEX costs and maintenance needs make them a very attractive solution in almost any network. For very remote off-grid sites we offer pure solar systems which hardly need any maintenance.

Wind hybrid is a solution designed to deliver low operating costs on wind exposed bad and Off grid  sites. It combines the advantages of battery diesel combinations delivering efficient diesel usage and high uptimes with a large share of wind energy.

Saving up to
70% in Operating Costs
and up to
50% in CO〗_2 emissions

The Genset Efficiency Solution is specially designed for diesel generator powered telecommunication sites. Customers achieve OPEX reductions of up to 70% through optimized diesel generator hybridization combined with intelligent battery and cooling management

qThe energy management system (EMS) of the Group is an integrated system of soft and hard ware in a casing designed for the usage in telecommunication base stations.

qthe ems serves as the central interface between the production of energy from various sources (diesel, solar, wind), the storage of energy in the form of batteries or hydrogen fuel cells, and the electricity requirements of the telecommunication base stations (bts) or other industrial applications, it is easier to install and fits into small outdoor BTS cabinets.

RMS 2.0 is built on a fully integrated Energy Management System, using in-house qualified sensors and switching modules. It is managed on site by the Energy Manger 2.0. The system is designed to support and use any 3rd party power component. RMS 2.0 can be integrated easily into Network Operation Center (NOC) and business layer software.

Power is main issue for remote or isolated areas base station, because grid extension is not feasible. Renewable base hybrid system is most viable solution. These solutions of power supply to the telecom base station are cost effective and available throughout the year.