Disaster Management

ASM Co is the pioneer company in Iran designing and developing disaster management and critical mission solutions for enterprises and governments. From pre-disaster planning, technical assistance, and staffing support during recovery to post-disaster mitigation project management, ASM works to help communities reduce loss of life and property and move toward disaster resiliency. When a disaster strikes, ASMcan quickly deploy experienced personnel for on-site operational and technical support for any size and duration of disaster response operation, bolstering an agency’s response operations to allow for continued efficiency.

ASM has pioneered the development of a strategic and comprehensive modeling and simulation approach that measures the degree of protection provided by various techniques and strategies, putting emergency planning and decision making on a quantitative basis.

Using the power of IoT, ASM co is the leading solution provider in critical mission applications in the country.  Via installation of various sensors including Liquid Presence, Radiation Levels, Explosive and Hazardous Gases,and Perimeter Access Control ASM co  monitors every change in the area to provide the fastest knowledge base for any incoming disaster.

Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas, Liquid detection in data centers, warehouses and sensitive building grounds to prevent break downs and corrosion, Distributed measurement of radiation levels in nuclear power stations surroundings to generate leakage alerts, and Detection of gas levels and leakages in industrial environments, surroundings of chemical factories and inside mines are some of functionalities provided by ASM Co to use IoT in mission critical applications.