19″ Rack Encoder solution

The FLEX STRM is an encoder for HTTP Live streaming (HLS 1.1). The FLEX STRM will encode a multi rate stream ranging from a few kbit up till several Mbit. The encoder has SDI or HDMI input and enables the adaptive distribution of WMT or any other source to different devices including Android, Apple and Windows.

Product Guide 2015

  • HTTP Live Streaming encoder
  • Multi rate stream
  • SDI or HDMI input
  • Fully integrates with Videomanager

The FLEX STRM encoder accepts both HD SDI video, as well as RTSP IP streams coming from FLEX STRM encoders. It transcodes them to HLS web streams, which can be distributed by Content Delivery Networks, already in use by customers. On top of this, the FLEX STRM encoder integrates fully with the drag ‘n drop Videomanager, giving users full flexibility in choosing which encoder gets sent to the FLEX STRM encoder and HD SDI Playout devices.