19″ Rack Encoder solution

Live streaming for newsgathering using your own smartphone! The FLEX Live app, utilizing the well know FLEX technology, sends live video with 2 seconds delay directly to the FLEX backend servers enabling iPhone and Android users to contribute to live newsgathering using 3G/4G and WiFi.

Product Guide 2015

  • Max 2 seconds delay
  • Using the WMT technology
  • For iPhone and Android
  • Live news contribution
  • The app is for free!

The FLEX Live iPhone/Android client is part of the FLEX portfolio using the same receiver hardware. The FLEX Live uses similar algorithms as the FLEX to ensure the highest quality video although using one connection. The MVP app grabs the video from the iPhone/Android back or front camera and encodes the video with H.264 and audio with AAC. Based on the available bandwidth the encoding is adapted to ensures transmission of the best possible video quality with the shortest possible fixed delay time. The transmission is decoded by the FLEX server and played back by the WMT playout via SDI or analogue outputs. The app is available as a license on top of (existing) FLEX server installations or as a stand alone server.