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Hytera introduces Digital Simulcast Radio at CCW2016

The new DMR solution from Hytera, DS-6310 Simulcast, is a cost- effective possibility for suppliers, local public transport networks and municipalities to modernize their existing analog single- frequency radio systems. For users who have so far been dependent on outdated analog radio technology, the Hytera DS-6310 Simulcast is the ideal solution for the leap into […]

5 Most Eco-Friendly Cities Around The Globe

Ecology has become one of the major philosophies, not only for people but for countries as well. And since our generation has to do something different to leave the better Earth after us, many countries and city governments took action and started to do things differently. Eco-friendliness has become a huge part of cities’ lives, […]

Apple creates a new company to sell solar energy

Apple has a new product quite unlike the ones you’re used to: solar energy. The tech giant has formed a new subsidiary called Apple Energy LLC in order to sell surplus solar power generated by its farms in Cupertino andNevada. As The Verge notes, the company’s newest environmental responsibility report says it only generates enough […]