Hytera introduces Digital Simulcast Radio at CCW2016

The new DMR solution from Hytera, DS-6310 Simulcast, is a cost- effective possibility for suppliers, local public transport networks and municipalities to modernize their existing analog single- frequency radio systems.

For users who have so far been dependent on outdated analog radio technology, the Hytera DS-6310 Simulcast is the ideal solution for the leap into the world of modern, professional digital radio, especially as the Hytera DS-6310 also supports analog operation.

Thanks to the use of DMR technology, it is possible to hold two conversations at the same time on a single frequency – in other words, the previous radio capacity is doubled. The administration of the radio system is also far easier: The entire Simulcast radio network can be administered centrally with the network management system. It is also possible to use powerful applications such as dispatchers.

The Hytera DS-6310 Simulcast system is based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) open radio standard and relies on the tried and tested RD985S repeater. Networking with modern IP technology guarantees a high level of flexibility in the system architecture. As a result, the DS-6310 Simulcast from Hytera is the ideal solution for migrating to professional digital radio.

– See more at: http://www.dmr-applications.com/23125/#sthash.YPnZUOQ9.dpuf

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