DMR Trunking

DMR Trunking is Hytera’s DMR trunked radio solution for demanding radio users that was developed in compliance with the ETSI standard “Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)”. Using DMR trunking it is possible to design customized digital trunked radio systems that can also be straightforwardly expanded subsequently.

Due to the flexible networking options and the high degree of scalability, small areas as well as large areas can be supplied with reliable radio communication. Thus, DMR Trunking is especially suitable for utility companies, operation centres or industrial enterprises.

System elements and radios for DMR trunked radio

A reliable radio system also needs reliable radios. As a complete provider Hytera also offers, along with the system technology, suitable radios for DMR trunked radio. Powerful applications round off the portfolio.

System Elements

DWS – Dispather system

DVRS-DMR Voice-Recorder

Base Station


MSO-The switch of DMR Trunking

Hytera DMR Trunking was developed in according to the open ETSI radio standard DMR for digital trunked radio systems (DMR Tier III).

The functions and services described in the following provide an overview of the capabilities of Hytera DMR Trunking.

  • Increased reliability
    Hytera DMR Trunking combines optimal radio coverage with the advantages of digital trunked radio.
  • More efficient working
    Network management software as well as the dispatcher and voice recorder systems make DMR Trunking a comprehensive trunked radio solution.
  • Reliable, fault-tolerant operation
    Due to the redundant design of the most important hardware components, the availability of the overall system is ensured even on the failure of individual components.
  • Cost-efficient migration from analog to digital
    Straightforward, stepwise change from analog radio to digital trunked radio from Hytera.
  • Convenient network operation
    With its intuitive user interface and versatile functions, the network management system (NMS) provides central management of the radio system and supports remote maintenance.

Voice and data

  • Individual call, group call, all call, broadcast call and emergency call
  • PSTN/PABX call, semi-duplex call, full-duplex call
  • Support of call priorities and emergency call
  • Text and status message, GPS data, packet data transmission
  • Supporting services like the late entry to an existing group call (Late Entry) or calling line identification presentation (CLIP)
  • Calls can be monitored and recorded
  • Call group tracking to fetch subscribers from another call into a group call with a higher priority
  • Dynamic group number assignment (DGNA) to compile new groups by radio


Security Functions

  • End-to-end encryption of voice and data
  • Encryption with 40, 128 or 256 bits with the cryptographic systems AES and ARC4
  • Support of the DMRA procedure for the encryption transmission via the air interface
  • Selecting and deselecting radios (enable/disable)
  • Authentication


Mobility Management

  • Mobility management (registration/deregistration)
  • Group login / group logoff
  • Roaming and handover

Hytera DMR Trunking is a modular radio communication solution that can be tailored optimally to customer requirements. The IP-based system architecture provides for flexible networking and makes low demands on the system connections. Based on commercially available network technology such as servers, switches and routers, the IP transport network of the DMR system can be maintained and upgraded cost-efficiently.