if you are aiming for a swift start up and high profitability then you can also expect a tough encounter with the customer – a skilful user of modern technology with high demands on availability at low cost. This requires an infrastructure planned and administered with the relevant expertise and support from the most effective tool on the market – WRAP.

WRAP supports the planning, implementation and operation phases of all the different types of technologies such as   point-to-multipoint links, WiMAX, WiFi, Microwave links, GSM-R, GSM and etc.

The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost-effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select these tools to give full capabilities for cellular planning:

Collocation Interference (nearby stations)

Cost and Coverage Optimiser


Coverage Comparison

Frequency Assignment

Interference (remote stations)

Map Data Manager

Radio Link Performance

Spectrum Viewer

Traffic Capacity