Wireless communication and information transfer are becoming increasingly important in people’s daily lives and overall functionality of society. Never before has it been so easy to communicate, and never before have so many frequencies filled the electromagnetic spectrum. If radio waves were visible, anyone would be able to see both the opportunities and difficulties in creating radio networks providing satisfactory coverage in all types of environments. This is why WRAP make the radio spectrum visible, manageable and valuable.

Therefore, Afarinesh Samaneh Mehr company with rich experience in the field of ICT solutions as the exclusive agent of WRAP in IRAN, provide following capabilities for telecom operators, Public Authorities and military organizations:

  1. Designing and optimizing of radio networks
  2. Consult
  3. Training

            So by using WRAP and available maps, you can design or optimize your radio network with the lowest budget and smallest manpower effort.


WRAP supports the hierarchical process of military spectrum management. WRAP is ideally suited for the extensive needs in frequency and radio network planning in Defence Forces, strategic as well as tactical including electronic warfare.

Public Authoritio

WRAP is ideally suited for the technical and administrative needs in radio spectrum management agencies being responsible for many different types of services. WRAP supports radio network planning for Public Safety, TETRA networks, Air traffic control systems, Radar and Coastal radio networks and more.


WRAP supports the planning, implementation and operation phases of all the different types of technologies: point-to-multipoint links, broadband wireless access, WiMAX, WiFi, Mobility, Microwave links, GSM-R; GSM … WRAP also supports television and sound broadcasting networks, both analogue and digital.