DMR Radion Dispatching System (SEDRA)


Today, different organization such as police stations, rescue centers, firefighting and especially military organizations need secure and reliable communication to do their jobs, to keep citizens and communities safe. Private digital networks solution offers a highly reliable and robust wireless communication solution well suited for mission-critical environments.

In this regard, digital dispatch system as a complementary system are considerable. By this system in command center, better control and management of operations will be achieved.

Sedra dispatch system, a dispatching system developed on ASM company is designed for efficient communication, management and dispatching of professional users based on the needs of different organizations.

The main function of this system is radio dispatching which is composed of several software modules:

  1. Server

This module manage the clients communication with radio   via gateway module

  1. Gateway

The gateway module connect to radio and send/receive data to/from server module

  1. Client


  • based on Client-Server architecture
  • SEDRA Client can be run in any distance from propagation point and service.
  • SEDRA Client Dispatch multiple radios simultaneously and Control multiple Dispatcher station
  • 24 clients can supported by each server
  • 16 gateway can supported by each server
  • 12 repeater dispatcher or 24 mobile dispatcher by each server
  • 12 repeater dispatcher or 4 mobile dispatcher by each gateway
  • Multi User client
  • User access management with Role Based security model
  • Configure Over The Air(OTAP) such as Manage Private Call contact list and Group Call contact list, Change Color Code, Change Slot and Change Radio Name

  • Private and Group SMS
  • Predefined SMS
  • Private and Group Call
  • Recording the call voices( repeater )
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Call Alert
  • Radio Online/Offline status
  • Enable/Disable Radio
  • Call Dispatch Call Dispatch 2

  • Remote controlling and monitoring using client App.
  • Reading Dispatcher Information: Model No., Serial No., Firmware Version
  • Channel Status : Power Level, TxAllow, Channel Mode
  • Ask for dispatcher  settings change report: Channel change, Scan On/Off, RSSI change, Power level change, zone change
  • On/Off Scan
  • Changing Channel(mobile radio only )
  • Emergency on or off
  • Dispatch Station

  • Current Location of the radio
  • Track the Radio on the map
  • Offline Google map(map, Satellite )
  • Points of Interest(POI)
  • Custom regions on the map
  • Geofencing: monitoring speed and zone entrance and exit of a radio
  • GPS Tracking

  • Radio Log report
  • Call Report
  • SMS Report
  • Track Report
  • User Logins Report
  • Report