EMS Power system

RMS 2.0 is built on a fully integrated Energy Management System, using in-house qualified sensors and switching modules. It is managed on site by the Heliocentris Energy Manger 2.0. The system is designed to support and use any 3rd party power component. RMS 2.0 can be integrated easily into Network Operation Center (NOC) and business layer software.

  • Fully integrated and flexible solution
  • Open platform and vendor independent
  • Data security and quality
  • Reliable communications
  • Full network and site transparency
  • Ease of operations
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Solution engineering

Power Network Operation Center (PowerNOC) functionality:

  • 24×7 operational services
  • field activities to perform the necessary preventive and corrective on-site maintenance measures
  • spare parts provisioning
  • OEM back-up support management
  • event based tower maintenance
  • energy bill verification
  • diesel transportation
  • timely refueling at sites of diesel generators

Power as a Service (P as) is an end-to-end care free service starting from energy solution design and dimensioning, energy component supplier verification and selection including competitive component purchasing, comprehensive supply chain management, proofed best in class implementation fulfillment and highly efficient smart operation of the resulting energy network considering an up-time strategy based on preventive and remote actions.

The entire service will be provided as an OPEX business model, which is targeting the lowest TCO along the entire life cycle, will minimize the burden of upfront investments and will guarantee risk free predictable costs and the insurance for a flexible and future proofed partnership.