Solar Hybride

Solar Hybrid Systems consist of thoroughly tested and qualified components of reputable suppliers which are fully integrated into our Energy Management System (EMS).

Very low OPEX costs and maintenance needs make them a very attractive solution in almost any network. For very remote off-grid sites we offer pure solar systems which hardly need any maintenance.

q1 Kwp SPV generates: 3.5 – 4 units (Kwh) / day

qArea requirement : 10-12 sq mt / Kwp SPV

qInstallation : South facing, placement angle as
per altitude of the place

qNo maintenance (cleaning of panel necessary)

qCost of installation : Rs. 2.2 – 2.5 lakhs / Kwp

qLife : 20 – 25 yrs (battery – 5 yrs)


Lower OPEX:

-Fewer site visits

-less refueling

Reduced fuel logistics

Reduced carbon Emissions

Better-dimensioned system

Smart Operations

solar hybrid header - Advantage

qFurther Network Expansion in Deep Rural.

qOutdoor telecom equipment requiring no Air-Conditioning.

qIncreasing Prices & probable Deregulation of Diesel prices.

qFalling prices of solar panels.

qMost rural sites are Ground based & hence no Space limitation.

qSolar energy is more reliable than other Renewable energy sources.

Network Uptime can be Managed in Difficult Terrain Sites with solar.

q Solar Economic Feasibility For Higher Telecom

qLoads (Beyond 4 Kw) Yet To Be Established.

qEconomically Feasible For Poor/No Grid Sites Due

qTo High Per Unit Cost Grid Power.

qSolar Vendors Need To Be A Site O&m Expert To Get Performance From Solar Solution Installed At Site.

qRoof Top Sites With Limited Space Are Not Ideal Choice.

qRequirement Of Shadow Free Space In Southern Side.

qPanels Cannot Be Installed On Tower Top Due To High Wind Loading.