Hytera PT580H Plus

TETRA handheld radio.

Full of functionality and packed inside an ergonomic design. Boasting an IP67 degree of protection, a high-resolution color display, an output rating of up to 3 W, clear digital voice quality, a man-down function and GPS localization, the PT580H Plus handheld radio offers you unbeatable TETRA communication in every situation.

  • Operation Mode
    -Trunking Mode Operation (TMO): communications over TETRA network (semiduplex and full duplex mode)
    -Direct Mode Operation (DMO): direct communications between terminals without network intervention (semiduplex mode)

Voice Services
-Group Call
Standard Group Call
Priority Group Call
Emergency Group Call
Broadcast Call
Late Entry
Talking Party Identification
DGNA Service
Group Call Scan
Talk Group Management

Individual call
Standard Half Duplex Individual Call
Standard Full Duplex Individual Call (TMO)
Priority Individual Call
Emergency Individual Call
Calling Identification
Pre-emption Priority Call

-Telephone Call (PSTN/PABX)
Full Duplex Telephone Call
Calling Identification
Pre-emption Priority Call

Security Services
-Air Interface Encryption TEA 1, TEA 3, TEA 4
-E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) Security Services: E2EE Encryption Module; Multiple Algorithm Support
-PIN/PUK Code Access
-Security Class 1, 2, 3
-Ambient Listening
-Discreet Listening
-Configure Information Protection

Advanced Features
-Provides Java Application Platform
-WAP Browser*
-Over The Air Programming (OTAP)*
-GPIO Program*
-Circuit Mode Data*

User Safety
-Emergency Button
-Man Down
-Keypad Lock
-Out of Network Alarm
-Multimode GPS Application
-Low Battery Alarm
-Vibration Informing
-Emergence Call Red Screen

Data / Message Services
-Short Data Service (SDS) — Type1, Type2, Type3, Type4, TL Data
-Status Message
-Packet Data Service (PEI)
-One Button-trigger Status Massage
-Long SDS Receiving
-Further Developing Interface Reserved
-At Command (PEI)

Global Positioning Service
-Built-in and Fully Integrated GPS
-Position Information Transmission during Emergency Call
-Time Synchronization and Calibration
-Multimode GPS Application (time trigger, distance trigger, time & distance trigger)
-Remote Enable/Disable
-Support Lip Protocol
-Position Information Display

Ergonomic Design Feature
-Patented 65mm/95mm Integrated GPS Antenna
-Unique ID with Antenna in the middle Position to provide Omni-directional Antenna Pattern
-Easy Accessible Rotary Knob with Distanced Position Gap
-Easy Operation and Configurable Keypad/Controls: Dual Colors Tactile PTT Button; Alphanumeric Keypad; Emergency Button; 4-ways Navigation Key; 20 Programmable Shortcut Keys
-High Definition and User Friendly Display: 160 x 128 pixels LCD with 65,536 colors; Adjustable Display Brightness; Screen Invert; 12+ Languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Farsi, Catalan, Malay, Arabic, Traditional Chinese (including Traditional Chinese display and phonetic input method)); Tri-color LED Indicator; Date and Time Display/ Calendar DIsplay
-High Quality Audio Design: Upper Microphone for Half Duplex Call; Lower Microphone for Duplex Call; Earpiece for Duplex Call; Build-in Loud Speaker
Lockable Accessory Side-Connector
Selectable Ringing Profile
Selectable Menu (via CPS)
Network status display
Screen Background Changable (via CPS)

* Realized in Version 6.0

General Specifications
Frequency Bands
350-400MHz; 380-430MHz; 410-470MHz; 806-870MHz
Dimensions (H×W×D)
127.5 × 54.5 × 35.5mm
Operating Voltage
1800mAh Li-Ion battery
Battery Life (5/5/90 Duty Cycle)
>16 hours
ETS 300 019 (95%)
Water and Dust Protection
IEC60529 IP67
Drop, Shock & Vibration
RF Specifications
RF Channel Bandwidth
RF Power Output
3W/1.8W (for 806-870MHz)
RF Power Level Accuracy
Receiver Class
ETSI EN 392-2/396-2 Class A & Class B
RX Static Sensitivity
-112dBm (typical -116dBm)
RX Dynamic Sensitivity
-103dBm (typical -105dBm)
Maximum Audio Power Output
GPS Specifications
≤-148dBm acquisition sensitivity;
≤-162dBm tracking sensitivity
2.5m CEP
Cold Start (Time to First Fix)
Hot Start (Time to First Fix)
User Interface
Talk Groups-TMO
Low memory machine: 2048
High memory machine: 3000
Talk Groups-DMO
Low memory machine: 1024
High memory machine: 2000
Missed Calls
Received Calls
Dialed Calls
Low memory machine: 50
High memory machine: 400
Low memory machine: 20
High memory machine: 50
Low memory machine: 10
High memory machine: 50
Low memory machine: 64×200 (200 groups in each list)
High memory machine: 200×200 (200 groups in each list)
Low memory machine: 32×200 (200 groups in each list)
High memory machine: 50×200 (200 groups in each list)

All specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development.

    • PT580H Plus TETRA handheld radio
    • Antenna (GPS integrated)
    • Lithium-ion battery 1800 mAh BL1806
    • Power adapter PS1018
    • Charging station CH10A07
    • Belt clip BC19
    • Hand strap RO04
    • Manual