TeloCam Body Worn T5S


  • 1080p video camera with night vision
  • Smart radio remote speaker microphone
  • IP67 water proof & dust proof
  • Battery removable

TELOCAM T5S is a tough and multi-functional body worn camera designed with the highest standards. The unique features such as removable battery, aviation connector and IP67 proof make it delivering super performance. it is not a only professional body-worn camera, it can also be connected with all kinds of two way radios firmly and act as an uncompromising remote speaker microphone.

  • Design

    Dimension 100 * 56 * 26mm
    Weight 190g(Built-In-Battery)
    Display 2.0 inch,Color LCD
    Storage Capacity 16 GB Standard 32 GB Optional(Non-Removable)


    Video Quality Multiple Recording Resolutions
    1920x1080p (30 FPS);
    1280x720p (30 FPS) ;
    848×480 (30FPS);
    848×480 (60FPS)
    Recording Format MPEG4/H.624
    Image Sensor 1/3 CMOS
    Metering Scope EV0 to EV20
    ISO Automatic
    Lens Field of View 135 degree
    Image “Snapshots? Capture still images up to 8 Megapixels;
    20,000 Photos @ 5 megapixels
    12,000 Photos @ 12 megapixels
    Audio Recording Format AAC
    Motion Detection Record Support, Movement activated recording
    GPS Support
    Intigration to Radio Support
    Date & Time Stamp Time,Date,Police Number,Device Number


    Capacity 1600mAh
    Type Removable, 1600mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Battery Life 6 Hrs Continuous Recording
    Standby 12 hours
    Recharge Time From Empty 4 hours
    External Battery Pack Compatible Yes
    Max Voltage DC 4.2V
    Related Voltage DC 3.7V
    Max Charging Voltage 1.1A


    Input Value 100V-200V Ac 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Value 5.2V DC , 1.1A
    Operating Temperature 0oC ‐ 40oC
    Storage Temperature -20oC ‐ 60oC


    IP Rating IP67
    Inputs Data bus,Micro USB,Earphone(3.5mm), Mini-HDMI


Radio Camera Cable

HDMI Cable

Battery Pack

Vehicle Mounting Bracket

Listening Only Earpiece


Docking Station